Jun 17

Steam Summer Sale 2017

Do you like indie games? How about saving money? Or what about thoughtful, even-sided, respectful discussions?

Well, kiddo, this is the internet. We ain’t got any of that last part. But thanks to the 2017 Steam Summer Sale, we have the first two in spades! The entire Armor Games Steam catalogue is on sale for now until July 5th. Check out all of our games here at big discounts!

Steam Summer Sale 2017

We hope you’ll check out some of our titles if you haven’t already, and spread the news. And hey, feel free to drop recommendations for other awesome indies in the comments! It’s not like I was actively trying to save money anyway. Who needs rent when you can have roguelikes?

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May 17

Zombotron on Steam Greenlight

Hey friend. Day got you down? Not enough mutant mayhem or rampaging zombies to brighten your mood? Well, good news! After a lot of hard work, Zombotron is now on Steam Greenlight! Awwww yeah. Ant Karlov is bringing the classic series of spacebound zombie carnage to your desktop in a brand new adventure of action platforming goodness… and headshots, of course.

Zombotron Greenlight

The latest game from Ant Karlov is not just a remake of the original series, it features all new content, like enemies, weapons, skills, areas, and more. You’ll go beyond the original series in Zombotron’s biggest title yet. The game is still in development, but you can vote for Zombotron on Steam Greenlight now and follow our progress.

Because we know that for a lot of people Zombotron is an important series, and that’s why as we continue development with Ant Karlov, we want to hear from you! In the comments, please tell us a bit about why you love the Zombotron games. What to you makes a great Zombotron game? What does it NEED to have? What do you absolutely not want to see out of it? We’ll post more news and previews of Zombotron for Steam as progress is made, and we can’t wait to share this new game with all of you! The original free Flash Zombotron games gave been enjoyed by millions on Armor Games alone. Never played them before? You can check them out here! As always, thank you for your support.

Zombotron Greenlight

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May 17

Cursed Treasure 2 Greenlight Campaign

Greetings, cherished reader! As you may have heard, we’ve been working behind the scenes with developer extraordinaire IriySoft to bring one of their most popular titles to Steam. Hit tower-defense game Cursed Treasure 2 is currently in Steam Greenlight, and if you love the series as much as we do and want to support the creator for years of fine, free games, we’d appreciate it if you could take the time to vote “Yes” and help it over the edge. It’s what your inner evil overlord would want you to do.

“But Dora,” I hear you say, “Cursed Treasure 2 is already on iTunes and Google Play. What is it going to have on Steam?”

Excellent question, my little narrative tactic! The ultimate goal with this version is both to make it available to a wider audience, and to ensure it feels like a proper desktop game, not just a port from your phone. This includes the basics you’d expect, like massaging and reworking aspects of the UI to take advantage of desktop functionality and real-estate. It also means sprinkling in the Steam-based goodies you’ve come to expect… trading cards, achievements, emotes, and wallpapers.

Cursed Treasure 2 Greenlight

If you’ve never played Cursed Treasure 2 before, well, there’s no time like the present! It’s a tower-defense game, where you’re the bad guy… and that’s good! See, you’re trying to protect your cache of magical gems from the wretched heroes who are trying to carry them off, and by building towers that have their own unique powers along the terrain, you can stop them before they reach your treasure.

The undead towers, for instance, can be upgraded to slow or frighten enemies into turning back, while demon towers can turn the ground into painful molten lava. Each set of towers has various effects you can choose to make use of, in addition to being able to enhance them permanently using stars you earn for beating levels. Heroes like the ninja, who can turn invisible, or the heavily armored paladin who can shield his companions might seem formidable, but, well… that’s for smiting is for. Spend some of the mana you accumulate to drop a massive fireball or two and you’re golden!

We hope you’ll consider checking the game out and voting for Cursed Treasure 2 on Steam Greenlight. Your support of indie developers makes not only games like Cursed Treasure 2 popular, but helps further the development of even more games down the road. Please help us spread the news, and join the fight against the heroic hordes!

Cursed Treasure 2 Greenlight

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May 17

Warfare Online Now Available

They say war is Hell, but they clearly weren’t talking about Warfare Online, the multiplayer RTS from Con Artist Games. It’s been available to play free on Steam for a while now, and as of today, Warfare Online is finally out of Early Access and it’s still free to play! Con Artist Games has been making awesome free games for years now, with titles like their other popular MMORPG, The Last Stand – Dead Zone, and we’re thrilled to support their latest and greatest.

You’ll need to register for a free Con Artist Games account to play, which takes just a moment and only requires an e-mail address for activation. The in-game tutorial will take you through the basics, but Warfare Online is a multiplayer real-time strategy game where you deploy and direct your troops against your opponent, utilizing cover, support, and the proper units to achieve victory by destroying your opponent’s base before they can destroy yours.

The game is free to play, though you can choose to buy a premium subscription for varying lengths of time that boosts not just what you earn in terms of experience and credits, but also provides a small boost in experience earned for the people you play against. Who says war isn’t about togetherness? Get Warfare Online on Steam, and be sure to play Con Artist Games’ other titles right here free on Armor Games.

Warfare Online

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Apr 17

Pinstripe Now Available

If you’re a fan of atmospheric adventure games, chances are you know the name of Thomas Brush. He created Coma and Skinny, both playable right here in your browser, and both distinctive for their otherworldly feel and surreal stories. You may say to yourself, “Self, what has Thomas Brush been doing? When can I play a new game by him?” And the answers to that would be, in order, “Handcrafting a brand new indie adventure about Hell entirely by his lonesome,” and “Right now!”

Pinstripe, available today on Steam, GOG, Humble, and (soon) Twitch, is a narrative-based action-adventure game that follows Teddy, a disgraced ex-minister. When his daughter, Bo, is abducted by the sinister Mr. Pinstripe, he ventures into a bizarre but dangerous frozen afterlife to journey through Hell to save her, and confront his past along the way. The game is available in seven languages, and for PC, Mac, and Linux. Check out Pinstripe on Steam, or play the demo online free!

Pinstripe blends humour and horror with more fantastical elements to tell itself story, and, as Teddy, players will need to use their wits and skills to avoid enemies and solve puzzles… with a little help from their intrepid pooch. Everything from the art and music to the programming and writing was created solely by Thomas Brush over five years, and we feel incredibly privileged to have been a part of that journey in publishing it. We hope you’ll check out Pinstripe and help us spread the news. Thank you for your support of indie developers!

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Apr 17

Sonny Now Available on Steam

Remember how you were all like, “When is Sonny coming to Steam?” and I was all like, “Soon.” And you were all like, “Be more specific!” and I was all like, “I can’t because what if a meteor hits our servers or something similarly zany happens and causes more work?” and you were all like, “Still, though.”

So fine!

You wore me down.

When is Sonny coming to Steam?

Well… now.



Sonny, the turn-based strategic apocalyptic indie RPG releases earlier this year for iOS, is now available on Steam. It features all the content of the iOS version, with desktop UI, achievements, trading cards, and of course, that warm feeling you get in the pit of your stomach from supporting indie developers. The iOS patch will be coming very soon as we finish ironing out a few kinks! Thank you for your patience and support.

4/25/17: The contest has been concluded! The list of winners is in the comments below. Users were contacted via the e-mail associated with their ArmorGames.com account. Thank you for your participation and we hope you enjoy the game!

For more on Sonny, get Sonny on iTunes, check out Sonny’s official press kit, watch the official Sonny Launch Trailer, visit Sonny on Indie DB, follow the official Sonny Twitter account, and follow Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.

Mar 17

Cursed Treasure 2 Now Available Free on Android!

Do you know why nice guys finish last? It’s because they get incinerated in an unholy magical fire for not keeping their greedy mitts to themselves! Cursed Treasure 2 by IriySoft has been one of our most popular tower-defense games for years. You’ve been able to get Cursed Treasure 2 on iTunes for some time now… and now (finally) you can get Cursed Treasure 2 free on Android as well!

In Cursed Treasure 2, you command the forces of darkness by building towers of orcs, demons, and the undead to destroy the forces of (ugh) light who will try to reach and carry off your magical gems. There are a variety of heroes to contend with, from ninjas that can turn invisible to paladins packed in armor, but thankfully your towers can be upgraded to do everything from spread fear to turn the very ground into a fiery pit… not to mention your own devastating magical spells to unleash. There are 24 levels, and for an added challenge you can play in Night Mode, where you can only see as far as the light from your towers allows.

The original Cursed Treasure 2 will always be free to play here on Armor Games. We hope you’ll help us spread the news about Cursed Treasure 2 on Android, and also help vote for Cursed Treasure 2 on Steam Greenlight. It’ll be your chance to play the game in glorious HD on your desktop, and support the developer!

Cursed Treasure 2 Greenlight

For more about Cursed Treasure 2, visit the official website and visit Cursed Treasure 2 press kit. Follow Armor Games on Facebook and Twitter.

Mar 17

Sales and Site News

It’s been a busy few months here at Armor Games! So busy we had to compile it all in a huge update post to cover it all. You want sales? We got that. You want games on Android? Son, we got that too! You want Sonny on Steam? We got that, but to be determined at a later date as we focus on testing and bug smashing, which I know is a statement that you guys are just gonna find, like, super satisfying, but it’s what I got for ya. So without further ado, let’s get to that sweet, sweet newsage.

Sentry Knight Tactics
Sentry Knight Tactics is Half Off on Steam!
Do you need tiny, adorable heroes violently murdering tiny, adorable monsters? Of course you do. Luckily, from now until April 3rd, Sentry Knight Tactics is just $4.99 on Steam. That’s colourful, challenging real-time indie strategy action for a bargain price. Help us spread the news, and maybe consider picking it up to support the developers and indulge in a little cartoon carnage. Aw yeah.

Don't Escape
Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland Greenlit!
It happened so fast we almost missed it. scriptwelder’s Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland was Greenlit on Steam in just a week! What! The upcoming game will feature hours of content, far bigger than any of the short, free Don’t Escape Flash games, and replayability in the form of variable obstacles and endings. To learn more and follow the development, check out the official website.

Cursed Treasure 2
Cursed Treasure 2 on Steam Greenlight!
If you’ve always wanted to play Cursed Treasure 2 in glorious HD and show some support to the developers, Cursed Treasure 2 will be your opportunity to do so. The Flash version will always remain free to play here, but the Steam version will contain all the sharp shininess of the iOS version. If you’d give us a vote on Greenlight and spread the news it would be appreciated! Look for Cursed Treasure 2 on Android very, very soon. *kisses fingers* So soon. Speaking of which…

Gemini Strike
Gemini Strike is on Google Play!
EYOOOOOO! That’s right. Krin’s addictive classic arcade scrolling space shooter Gemini Strike is finally available free on Android as we continue our quest to bring the most oft-requested iOS titles to the platform. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean other more current releases are far off.) We hope you’ll check it out and help us spread the news.

Pixels Contest
Armatar Contest: Pixels!
Feeling artsy? Why not take some time to enter our contest to design an Armatar (that’s an ArmorGames.com Avatar for you newcomers) and show off your talents? From now until 4/22, you can create and enter unique designs under the theme of pixels. Aw yeah, kickin’ it old school! Full details are available on the forums. Accounts are free, so why not sign up and say hello if you haven’t already?

Armor Games Studios official site launched!
It’s no secret that Armor Games has been sponsoring indie creators for years. The official launch of our publishing website was a long time coming, but now that it’s live, you can use it to keep up to date on our premium titles… or, hey, even pitch us your game for publishing!

ArmorGames.com updates coming!
So what’s happening under the hood here, you ask? Quite a bit! The first is an upcoming substantial overhaul of the way profile pages look and work, to allow you to better keep in contact with the people you like, share the games you love, and more. Keep an eye out for a preview soon!

I got to pet a really fluffy cat today!
That’s not official studio news, technically. It’s just something that happened, and I thought y’all should know.


Writer: Dora Breckinridge. Gamer. Artisan. Cat enthusiast.

Mar 17

The Big Journey

He’s round. He’s squishy. And he’s willing to share both his lunch and his adventures with you. The Big Journey, a casual tilt-controlled kitty game from Catfishbox for kids and kids-at-heart, is now available on iTunes for $1.99! It also includes a free Stickers pack for iMessage.

(Yes, Android is coming soon.)

The Big Journey is all about Mr. Whiskers, a food-loving feline who goes in search of a friend who’s vanished, taking their delicious dumplings with them. By tilting your device, or using the optional on-screen controls, you turn the world to help Mr. Whiskers roll and jump through beautiful levels, finding new friends and completing objectives along the way. It’s designed to make you relax and smile rather than trying to push your skills. Check out the official release trailer below!

The Big Journey giveaway has ended! Thank you to everyone who participated. Winners will be notified via the e-mail associated with their Armor Games account.

The Big Journey

For more about The Big Journey, visit the official website, follow Catfishbox on Facebook and Twitter, and visit The Big Journey press kit. Follow Armor Games on Facebook and Twitter.

Mar 17

Top 5 Golden Oldies

In the world of the internet things are old news before a week is out. Not even cat videos can survive this short, intense, ever-changing flow in these tubes, which is a reference 10% of you may actually get due to this very fact. While this keeps things fresh, encourages new ideas and improvements on the old, sometimes it’s nice to look back at things that once were the Keyboard Cats of pop-culture.

Letting the fluttering childish feeling of nostalgia wash over you just by clicking a link is indeed one of the smaller joys in life. There’s a deeper connection when it comes to games though. We didn’t just see them, we experienced them. And many of the good ones are still as fantastic, if not a little dusty, as the day when we first played them. Here’s our top five games that made our hearts warm to see again. How many did you first play those many years ago?

Sushi Go Round

Sushi Go Round gave many of us the first taste of time management games… besides the blue apron wearing waitress. But this game was one that had you not only trying to serve and clear dishes, but also make the deliciousness that lines your wallet with green. Not only are you having to keep your stocks in good supply, but even the order in which the sushi goes out. You need to plan carefully so that a fresh customer who snags a seat closer to the where the sushi funnels out doesn’t swipe it out of reach of another much more impatient patron.

It is a game that simultaneously makes you want to go out for sushi while at the same time suddenly makes you feel guilty for ever ordering a deluxe combo platter as you now know the pressure you placed on the chef.  Sushi Go Round was unique at the time and still has its seaweed wrapped around fans’ hearts.

Bloons Tower Defense

Ever seen a monkey and immediately started hearing popping sounds? Then you’ve probably been a fan of the Bloons Tower Defense series by Ninja Kiwi. If you haven’t played it and still hear popping sounds… I’d get that checked out. But while you’re waiting to see a doctor you can have a chance to enjoy the simple yet fantastic tower defender. Before its many sequels and branch-offs, Bloons Tower Defense made people go bananas for these balloon popping monkeys.  

Simple in its design yet complicated in its strategies, this silly monkey throwing dart game made many curse those air filled rubber tubes. Though bright, colorful and kid friendly these games have you thinking hard to make sure every last one of those balloons was destroyed with a bubble wrap style pop that soothes the soul. This game was so good, no one ever questions the odd spelling choice but instead celebrated all five of the releases. So sharpen up your darts!

Dark Cut

Back before the day of bootleg medical procedures games that have you fixing teeth and doing Botox injections on baby-ized versions of popular cartoon icons, the medical emergencies were treated a lot more seriously. And much more… darkly? Dark Cut arose from the grimy shadows in 2007 and let us all step into the (most likely stained) boots of a medieval doctor. This game requires a steady mouse and a strong stomach to make it through these grisly tales as you deal with both real wounds and some mythical lore.

The only downside to Dark Cut is the limited instructions, like needing to use the spacebar on the last “patient”, though it does bring in some more realism as back then they didn’t have all the knowledge that would have been helpful. One of the best things though is that there’s two sequels; so wake up your leeches and get your bone saw sharpened.

Monster Basement

Down in the basement something is brewing, something is stirring. And you’re in the dark with it. Patrick Majewski’s Monster Basement once terrified the younger versions of ourselves as we tried to find an escape while terror and death loomed overhead. Some of us probably couldn’t even finish it after seeing what was behind the door, let alone dare try Monster Basement 2. Before the time when jump scares were popular and basically made up horror games, Monster Basement brought in all its fears with the foreboding doom that loomed. As well as the fact that that doom could end you and ensure you’d never escape.

While it is more of a collect-item, use-item type of escape game it still holds up after all these years with its creepy sound effects and chilling music. Definitely worth going back and trying again now to see if you can’t be brave enough to finally see the ending for yourself. An ending that caught many of us by surprise. Or at least, those who could finish it and didn’t cave in to the terror, exit the browser as fast a possible and hide under a flowery blanket singing Never Gonna Give You Up in an attempt to soothe ourselves. Not me of course. Totally finished that game. Yep…

Several Journeys of Reemus

In Ye Olden Times the only way you could revisit an adventure was to hear a bard sing the tale of all the heroic adventures. In modern days we just go back and play through them. Which one blue bear will hear as a relief as he can finally take a break from telling about the Several Journeys of Reemus by Zeebarf. This little point and click adventure game had some of the oddest journeys we ever ventured on.  While bright and cartoonish this tale was for anyone but young kids as it held a good balance of black comedy, and puzzle solving.

While this journey of our mullet-ed exterminator never had a good solid ending on its web based side it still holds some good laughs and some interesting conundrums to find your way through this odd land. You never know what lies beyond the next screen, whether it’s flesh eating trees, beetles the size of elephants or a very dangerous Visitor. These wacky adventures are just as good as they were when they first came out, but now you don’t have to wait for the next episode to be out.


Written by Lori, who one day hopes to fill this line with many links to show off all her creativeness, but as she suffers from a serious case of procrastinitis and must do many horrible, boring things known as “adulting” it may be a while.