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Dec 16

Flight! iOS Update and Giveaway

No matter what your day has been like, a pocket full of falling stars can put a spring in anyone’s step, and on the way to make a little girl’s holiday wish of seeing her mother come true, you’re going to be covered in stardust from head to toe. Flight!, originally released in 2010 for Flash by Krin (yes, that Krin!), Flight! has been spreading starshine on iOS since 2012. So what better way for us to celebrate the holiday season than with an update and a giveaway? Check out Flight! on iTunes, and view the full changelog and giveaway details below the trailer.

Flight! has been updated with two minor fixes:

    + Fixed the bug which could cause the app to crash on iOS10
    + Updated graphics for new devices (iPhone Plus and iPad Pro)

If you’ve never played Flight!, it’s a launch-based action-arcade game where you guide a paper airplane around the world. You swipe to toss your plane, then direct it to catch stars and other power-ups, using the cash you generate to upgrade your plane to enhance it further, moving to a different location each time you travel far enough. You can still play the original Flight! for free right here in your browser, but on iOS Flight! can go with you wherever you want, plus a host of other improvements, including a shiny new visual style.

From now until January 2nd, we’re going to be giving away free iTunes codes for Flight! on the official Armor Games Facebook or Twitter. To win on Twitter, all you have to do is tweet at us something positive you wish for in the New Year, being sure to tag it #flightcontest, and we’ll randomly select winners throughout the contest period. To win on Facebook, just leave a comment telling us your positive New Year wish on the contest post, and we’ll select random winners until the contest is over. Good luck, and may your New Year be bright!


For more about Flight!, check out Flight! on iTunes, visit the Flight! presskit, play the free Flash browser version, and follow Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.

Dec 16

Armatar Contest: Winter Edition 2016

Weather outside a bit frightful? Big deal! Going outside sucks anyway, so hang out here with us for a while and take part in the 2016 Winter Holidays Armatar Contest.

From now until January 7th, 2017, craft your own seasonal Armatar out of your original artwork and join the community in spreading a little holiday cheer. Everyone who participates will earn a merit, but one winner will receive a special Quest for taking top prize. Visit the official thread for full rules and submission guidelines.

If you don’t have a free account yet, sign up to participate in the forums and start earning points and quests galore, or just say “Hello!” I don’t bite. At most, I grunt in a surly fashion, but I tell people that’s part of my charm and they’re too scared to correct me. If you’re wondering “Quests, huh? Merits, bwuh? Armatars, zuh?”, then check out this thread to get started. Hope to see you soon!

Oct 16

Sentry Knight Tactics Giveaway

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to… play? Hm. Doesn’t really have the same ring to it, but who cares? Halloween has come to the Kingdom! After all, just because you’re beset by demonic forces from beyond the dimensional veil doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some sweet, sweet candy. There’s no time like the present to jump into indie real-time strategy goodness in Sentry Knight Tactics, with a substantial new content update. An extra challenging quest for high level parties? Adorable Companions to adventure at your side? Rare crafting materials to make the costume of your dreams? Check, check, and check.

Sentry Knight Tactics

If you love a challenge, don’t let Sentry Knight Tactics‘ colourful characters fool you. Since its release, we’ve been hard at work polishing Sentry Knight Tactics to a mirror shine and listening to all your feedback, even incorporating an optional new control scheme for players who prefer a traditional click-based approach. We’re already proud of Sentry Knight Tactics, and as we continue to talk to the community for their ideas and suggestions, we’re confident that it’s only going to get even better. And that ain’t no trick. Treat yo’ self! Read the full patch details here.

Sentry Knight Tactics

To celebrate the season, we’re giving away ten, count ’em, 10 copies of Sentry Knight Tactics, and for a chance to win one, all you have to do is leave a comment on this entry with the name of a candy you think our heroes would find trick-or-treating in their fantasy world. Get creative and silly! One entry per person, winners will be selected at random, and gibberish will not be accepted. Winners will be chosen on Sunday, October 30th 2016.

For more about Sentry Knight Tactics, check it out on Steam, visit the official website, view the official Presskit, and follow Sentry Knight Tactics and Armor Games on Twitter. Play the original Sentry Knight, Sentry Knight 2, and Sentry Knight: Conquest right here free on Armor Games.

Nov 15

Soda Dungeon on Android

Stock the tavern with rare sodas, entice adventurers to join your cause, and plunder a massive dungeon for loot in this turn-based dungeon crawler. Soda Dungeon takes the nostalgic RPG combat from your childhood, mixes in an epic treasure syrup, and shakes it with great vigor to a fizzy concoction that leaves you wanting more…

Soda Dungeon is now available for Android as well as iPad and iPhone. As a bonus, Android users get a special Android pet.


To celebrate the release of Soda Dungeon, we’re holding a Create a Soda Contest. The Grand Prize winner will win a Soda Holder + T-shirt + Sushi Cat. Two runners up will get T-shirt + Sushi Cat

Remember, if you like the game let us know how you feel on iTunes or Google Play. 🙂








Feb 12

Top 50 Developers of 2012: #40 Armor Games

Armor Games has been selected as one of the top developers of 2012 by The PocketGamer.biz. On this list, we are currently at #40. Click here to check out what The PocketGamer.biz had to say about Armor games and why we are one of the top developers of 2012! Also, we would like to thank all of our loyal fans for the dedicated support you have shown over the years. Without you, none of this would be possible or achievable!

Feb 12

Sling Baby Airs in the Super Bowl

Thanks to everyone who voted for ‘Sling Baby’. We got the honor of airing in the Super Bowl. We now need your help to vote 5-stars and make it the #1 commercial on Facebook. As a reward we will make ‘Crush the Castle 3’ and a new ‘Blue Elephant’ game. 🙂

Vote Here

Armor Games Staff

Feb 12

Silverado Apocalypse Blaster is Chevy’s Epic ‘2012’ Game!

Congrats to Juicy Beast and all those who rated  Silverado Apocalypse Blaster. Get on it gamers, before the Big Game consumes your night!

Play the Game Now

Feb 12

Silverado Apocalypse Blaster is Chevy's Epic '2012' Game!

Congrats to Juicy Beast and all those who rated  Silverado Apocalypse Blaster. Get on it gamers, before the Big Game consumes your night!

Play the Game Now

Feb 12

We have a winner!

We’ve tallied all the ratings for the three “2012” games and found our winner!

Congrats to Juicy Beast and all those who rated  Silverado Apocalypse Blaster.  It will be featured online as Chevy’s official Epic “2012” game during Superbowl XLVI!

 Check it Out!

Feb 12

Developer Battle Royale!

This developer battle royale needs a winner and today is your very last date to rate which game you think deserves to be featured on Armor Games and Chevy’s social channels during Super Bowl XLVI!

Play all three games and tell us what you think! (Click Here)