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Oct 15

Ten Years of Armor Games

Armor Games turns ten today, and we’d love to share a slice of cake with each of you. Since that would be way to much baking and we couldn’t pick a flavor, we’ve put together a few things to celebrate instead. Check out these fun links:

Also, earn an Armor Games Birthday Quest by playing *any* game today!

With over 10 million users, 3,680 games, and 2.4 million forum posts in over 77,000 threads, see what else was accomplished thanks to you, wonderful users…


Top 10 Highest Rated Games

Sword and Souls beat out the long-standing Kingdom Rush Frontiers, which itself unseated the original Kingdom Rush, as highest rated game of all time on Armor Games. Surprisingly, most of our top rated games are part of a series of games and the only top 10 game that is the first in its series is Kingdom Rush at #3.

   1.) 9.8 – Sword and Souls
   2.) 9.8 – Kingdom Rush Frontiers
   3.) 9.7 – Kingdom Rush
   4.) 9.6 – Strike Force Heroes 2
   5.) 9.6 – The Last Stand – Dead Zone
   6.) 9.6 – Learn to Fly 2
   7.) 9.6 – The Enchanted Cave 2
   8.) 9.6 – Decision 3
   9.) 9.6 – Raze 2
   10.) 9.6 – Infectonator 2


Top 10 Most Played Games

It’s no surprise that Kingdom Rush tops the list of the most played game on Armor Games of all time, as it occupied the #1 highest rated game until its sequel.

   1.) 62,959,136 – Kingdom Rush
   2.) 55,582,389 – The Last Stand – Dead Zone
   3.) 38,957,507 – Warfare 1917
   4.) 38,027,075 – Dawn of the Dragons
   5.) 32,796,311 – Raze
   6.) 32,688,141 – Warfare 1944
   7.) 32,530,051 – Clicker Heroes
   8.) 32,357,376 – Crush the Castle 2
   9.) 30,533,130 – Kingdom Rush Frontiers
   10.) 26,698,285 – Raze 2


Top 10 Most Rated Games

Not only is Kingdom Rush one of the most highly rated and highly played games on Armor Games,  it is also the most rated game of all time, with nearly 50,000 more votes than the next most rated game, The Last Stand – Union City.

   1.) 116,407 – Kingdom Rush
   2.) 68,475 – The Last Stand – Union City
   3.) 61,770 – Kingdom Rush Frontiers
   4.) 55,911 – Raze 2
   5.) 49,462 – Flight
   6.) 48,432 – Sonny 2
   7.) 43,920 – Exit Path
   8.) 42,920 – The Last Stand 2
   9.) 42,056 – GemCraft Labyrinth
   10.) 39,440 – Crush the Castle 2


Top 10 Most Viewed Forum Threads

The most watched on Armor Games is “Count to 100”, but with the amount of refreshing that goes on in that thread it should be no surprise. Sometimes the numbers move too fast for everyone to keep up and that’s where the fun lies. 😉

   1.) 14,939,840 – Count to 100
   2.) 3,255,782 – The Way of Moderation
   3.) 2,768,672 – You’re banned
   4.) 2,086,465 – This Thread is Currently About
   5.) 1,992,603 – Dungeons ‘n Dragons 3.5 Forgotten Realms Setting
   6.) 1,567,877 – Crush the Castle 2 – Custom Castles
   7.) 1,539,863 – Art Skills Contest
   8.) 1,512,477 – Non-spam Picture Wars #2
   9.) 1,352,883 – Haiku Contest
   10.) 1,343,551 – Poetry Contest


Top 10 Most Replied to Forum Threads

The only thing more popular than trying to count to 100 perfectly is pretending to ban other users for utterly silly reasons. At over 57,000 replies, “You’re banned” beats “Count to 100” but not by much.

   1.) 57,602 – You’re banned
   2.) 52,698 – Count to 100
   3.) 46,559 – Dungeons ‘n Dragons 3.5 Forgotten Realms Setting
   4.) 22,622 – Rate the above user’s fame!
   5.) 21,098 – Crush the Castle 2 – Custom Castles
   6.) 18,606 – Dungeons ‘n Dragons 3.5 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
   7.) 16,488 – D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms Setting (Game #2)
   8.) 13,460 – Count to 100 (the original)
   9.) 10,481 – Corrupt a wish!
   10.) 10,072 – This Thread is Currently About

Sep 15

Sushi Cat Plushie – 50% Off

Make an adorable new feline friend who’s in a frenzy about eating Japanese food. Our Sushi Cat plushie is now back available in the Armor Games Store, and just in time for the holidays! He’s round, fluffy and ready to be taken on all sorts of adventures.

Sushi Cat plushie is 50% off this weekend.

Take a look right meow! :3


Sushi Cat Pictures:




Jul 15

Sentry Knight Tactics

** WE DID IT GUYS! Sentry Knight Tactics is now Greenlit! Thank you so much for all your help and support, you helped make this happen. 🙂

Want to support Armor Games and the indie developers we publish? Sentry Knight Tactics, a challenging and charming real-time strategy game by the creators of the hit Flash series, is now available on Steam. Check it out!

Love Sentry Knight? Help get Sentry Knight Tactics on Steam Greenlight!

Command your team of powerful heroes and lead them to victory. Upgrade your party by unlocking new characters, looting powerful gear, and leveling up.

Sentry Knight Tactics is an action-strategy adventure game with epic quests, hordes of enemies to slaughter, beautiful environments to explore, and lots of treasure to loot.  This game will take place directly after the events of the Sentry Knight Conquest web game. Thank you for voting, every “Yes” matters! 🙂


New Armatars:

Show your support, wear one of these new Sentry Knight Tactics Armatars! beep3



476589599_preview_screenshot_2 (1)


Mar 15

Weekly News: Blessing Edition

Greetings kings, royal subjects and fighters of the realm! Today we’re going to try something a bit different, and highlight some news of the week. Generally such things are done by carrier pigeon or semaphore line, but since you were all kind enough to gather in the tavern, we’ll just read what we have on this fancy gold scroll.


Winner of Give Up 2 Contest:

Congratulations to awein999 who won our Give Up 2 Contest for the fastest game completion. Not only did he crush all 40 levels in under nine minutes, but he did it without a single death. I know, we didn’t believe it either so here is video proof…. 

Follow him on Twitch and YouTube! We look forward to more contests in the future.


Profile Editing Update:

Our team has been working hard on an updated profile editing page, and released the masterwork version last week. This includes updated locations flags, polished Armatar selection, easier tools to customize your profile and much more. 


Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below. 


Knight’s Blessing:

The Knight’s Blessing is a Quest that Knights are able to give to any player that rewards/recognizes an exceptional contribution or effort on Armor Games. It could celebrate skill inside a game, writing an outstanding game guide, kindness to another player or a well-written forum post. 


Are you wondering “How do I become a Knight?” Find out in this forum thread.


Other Rumors around the Tavern:

  • Easter 2015 Armatar Contest is open, look at submissions or make your own.
  • Some users are having issues with Pepper Flash and unable to play games. Check out this post for more information if your having problems.
  • Due to peasant abuse, colored BBCode is no longer available in forum posts.
Dec 14

The 12 Days of Armormas!

Around the kingdom of Armoria we’re hanging wreaths of garland and decorating Christmas trees for the season. While busy preparing for the festivities, we’ve received several tightly wrapped packages! What’s inside? We’ll be opening one each day, so come back starting the December 8th to find out what’s inside each one.


Jun 14

Armor Games @ E3 2014

The Armor Games team packed into the car on Tuesday and headed off to a visit E3 2014 in Los Angeles. We’d have loved to take everybody with us, but since our car only fits four people we’ve decided to snap some pictures for you guys instead. There were some outstanding games on the floor this year, and it was a blast getting to see them. Remember, if you ever see one of us in green be sure to say hello!

What game has you most excited from E3 2014?



IMG_20140610_112756 IMG_1538 IMG_1393 IMG_1391 IMG_1633 IMG_1603 IMG_1588 IMG_1573 IMG_1558 IMG_1453 _IMG_1451 IMG_1420 IMG_1414 IMG_1406 IMG_20140610_135848 IMG_1635

Mar 14

Sushi Cat Roll for Charity

Help “Cops for Kids with Cancer” by supporting our fearless leader Daniel McNeely in the Boston Marathon! To show our gratitude for any pledge you may provide, you can e-mail us and we’ll send you adorable toy friends.

  • For a $6 donation you’ll receive a Free Blue Elephant.
  • Fora  $12 donation you’ll receive a Free Sushi Cat.
  • For a $15+ donation you’ll receive Both Cuddly Creatures.

This giveaway will last till the end of this month.  Once you donate, simply e-mail “BostonStrong@ArmorGames.com” with your mailing address and donation amount.

Support Dan and get your free stuffed animals today!


Jan 14

Vote for Cowboy Kid

Armor Games is supporting the Cowboy Kid in the Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ contest. Help us lasso the top place spot by playing the game and voting!




Sep 13

1,000,000 Facebook Likes = Cake

We’ve made it, 1,000,000 Facebook likes! We’re thankful to each person who follows us and plays our games, you are what makes Armor Games great and we love you all. This is a cake we ate here at the office to celebrate how amazing you guys are! 





Aug 13

Sushi Cat Art

Designed by Jimp and released by the great and chipotle-powered Joey Betz, this cute little animation of Sushi Cat is sure to put a smile on your face.  Why is he so happy? Well we can only speculate it involves lots of adorable slices of raw fish or wifey cat.

Art & Video: