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Apr 09

Fox Fyre Launch

Fox Fyre

Wow my first blog post on ArmorBlog! Anyways, John and I launched our first collaborative game today called Fox Fyre. You may have seen some earlier posts from John during it’s progress. Took us about a month to make and I’m glad it’s done. I had a blast working with John on it. Check it out here http://armorgames.com/play/3439/fox-fyre.

If you’re curious on how we did some of the special effects, post a comment about it. I might post on how we got the terrain to look so cool. 🙂

And here is a video showing gameplay of the final 5 levels, by Tass:

Mar 09

Two Times Tuesday!

Double shot of walkthrough goodness today. First is Redstar Fall, a stack remover balance puzzle game (ala Totem Destroyer):

Also added today is the 6th Great Room Escape game from Pastel Games, this time from the Attic!

Hope these help! Don’t forget about the ArmorGaming YouTube channel!


Mar 09

Open Doors 2 Walkthrough

First off, it was awesome meeting Ozzie Mercado this weekend at Flash Game Summit. For those not in the know, Ozzie is the guy behind this fun and challenging puzzle series.

With that out of the way, here are some videos that I made to serve as a walkthrough. I was not trying to get gold moves on levels, although I did get it on some (and some are obvious from the video even if I did make a mistake or two). I’ve since gotten gold on all but 1 level.

Levels 00-24:

Levels 25-35:

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Mar 09

Fish Tank Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough for the newly released game Fish Tank.  Yes, we know the controls can be frustrating at first, but stick with it.  The game is really fun, and the controls aren’t THAT hard to master.  Make sure to progress slowly instead of blazing through and make sure to alternate back and forth between left/right to go mostly straight.  It’s called Fish Tank for a reason.

Check out the walkthrough here.


Mar 09

Tortuga Episode 2 Walkthrough

Well, it was mere days instead of weeks, but there is now a new chapter for all you Pirate loving escape artists.  Play Tortuga Ep2 Here.


Feb 09

Tortuga Episode 1 Walkthrough

Another day, another walkthrough.  Today’s game is Tortuga Episode 1, the first of 4 pirate themed room escape games by Pastel Games.  Be on the look out for the next chapter in the coming weeks!

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Feb 09

Monkey Metric Walkthrough


Another Armor game, another video.  This time for Joey‘s new game, Monkey Metric.  Play the game here.  A link to the walkthrough is in the bottom left corner of the main game menu.  Or, you can go straight to it! Once again, don’t forget to subscribe to the Armor Games YouTube channel (if you had, you’d have known about this game yesterday.)


Feb 09

Avalancher Walkthrough

Howdy guys.  If you haven’t checked out Avalancher, definitely do.  A fun game that has sports, logic, puzzle, and luck elements all rolled together.

In case you’re having trouble, here is a walkthrough:

A link to the video is also inside the game .swf for easy access while playing! Try to beat my best overall score of 29,980!


Feb 09

GemCraft Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity Trailer

Here is a short little trailer showing off the upcoming GemCraft prequel:

Some new features of Chapter Zero:
-9 different modes of play for each level
-Beacons that aid the monsters
-Traps instead of trenches
-Shrines that aid you with the sacrifice of gems
and much, much more!

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Feb 09

Never Fear, I Am Here! To Save The Day!


Think of me as Underdog meets Mighty Mouse.  I am Tass! and it is my pleasure to assist all of you.  Some of you may know me already, but if not… I like to make walkthroughs of games to help those who would otherwise be perplexed (like Dan and John!)  You may start to notice links to video walkthroughs popping up inside Armor sponsored games or being added to the Armor Games official YouTube channel.  We all feel that these are highly beneficial to all of you guys, and have become an important aspect of the casual gaming culture.  As such, expect these videos to start becoming a typical feature within Armor’s games.  In addition to the walkthroughs, I’ll be creating trailers/teasers for some of the more anticipated upcoming releases…  to titillate, stimulate, tantalize, and mesmerize (just go with it…) you.

Pretty much, I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you who I am and what I’ll be doing to assist you guys, the community of Armor Games.  Videos are already up for CrackShot and Snake Runner, so make sure to check those out!  Also subscribe to the Armor Games YouTube channel to get fast notification of trailers and walkthroughs (walkthroughs will almost always be released before the game hits the site, so you’ll be able to get a sneak preview that way as well!)

Please don’t hesitate to post a comment to my wall or to the YT channel.  I want to know your feedback.  What would you like to see changed or improved on the guides?  Is there a previously released Armor Games game that doesn’t currently have a walkthrough that you feel just HAS to have one?  Am I really not funny in prose despite myself thinking otherwise?  Let me know.  Or just drop in to say hello.