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Nov 16

Games that Didn’t Get Sequels

Have you ever read a story that didn’t have an ending? Or watched a television show that was cancelled just before anything was answered? Then these games are right up your alley. No sequels have been released in the last six years.



Dawn of Sorcery (2010) – Episode 1 of ?

Get swept up in the treachery and intrigue within the Sun Empire in this turn-based adventure. Make unlikely allies as you unravel the lies and mysteries that mask that goings-on around the Empire. The Imperium is missing. The Dree are attacking again. The Wraith have returned. Someone within is stealing the Empire’s Quicksilver. And the new Emperor is nearing ascension to the throne. Is this all a coincidence? Or are there greater things at play?



Ge.Ne.Sis (2009) – Part 1 of ?

With the help of their Tarots, Nera, Gely, and Sisi adventure through a dream world trying to figure out why they’re there in this tile-based strategy game.  After stopping Reciful from destroying the alternate worlds, the trio find more questions than answers. Who is the mystery girl? Is Reciful gone for good? What is down the rabbit holes? We did get a spinoff in 2010, though.



Neverending Light (2009) – Part 1 of 3

It’s your birthday. Your girlfriend takes you on a tour of the Cablad Caverns, but when the lights go out monsters in the cave eat your tour group, leaving you alone. Is your girlfriend okay? Where did these monsters come from? Will monsters invade the surface and devour everyone? What are those juvenile sprites? Collect the glowing sprite droppings and find out what was in store for Part 2.



Sonny 2 (2008) – Part 2 of ?

Who is Sonny? What is the Seed? Where do zombies come from?

Just kidding. Sonny 3 is in production. We even interviewed Krin earlier this year. But it’s true that it’s been almost 8 years since the release of Sonny 2.


Writer: Gantic has been on Armor Games since before Sonny 2. Those were some pretty dark times, because most people weren’t staring at their smartphones all the time. True story.

Jun 16

Boxy Zombie Frenzy

Have you ever wished your head was shaped like a box and you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with unlimited ammo? Neither have I, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun. Check out the eight games below to jump into a boxy zombie frenzy.

1. Dude and Zombies


Your truck broke down in the middle of the forest in the middle the night. There’s absolutely nothing that could go wrong with this scenario, except for the zombie humans, zombie rabbits, and zombie birds. Prepare to defend yourself with an array of weapons you can buy in the middle of the forest at night as your repair your truck to get out of there. Or maybe you don’t want to leave.

2. Big Pixel Zombies


London in overrun with zombies in the Big Pixel universe. Kill zombies to unlock guns, armor, dogs with guns and other tactical items as you clear the streets of London of this infestation.

3. UndeadRun


The Zombie King awaits your challenge. Run and gun your way through the city on your way to face the Zombie King. Collect coins and upgrades, earn achievements, and upgrade yourself to face the challenge. Can you beat the King in one run?

4. Boxhead series: Boxhead, Boxhead The Rooms, Boxhead More Rooms, Boxhead 2Play, Boxhead The Zombie Wars


Rack up higher combos to unlock better weapons to unlock higher combos to get better scores in the classic ultimate cubic zombie frenzy series. Unleash a hailstorm of bullets and unrelenting waves of explosions on endless hordes zombies, mummies, vampires, and devils. Play with a friend in Boxhead 2Play.

May 16

Post PAX Pix Post (Updated)

Armor Games was at PAX East last month for the first time ever. It was pretty great, people laughed and enjoyed the five games we showed and lots of prizes were given away with the prize wheel. Check out the video and pictures below.

Armor Games showcased five games at PAX East. Check them out on Steam Greenlight if you haven’t had the chance.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 004

Some pre-event testing.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 007

The Armor Games Booth Bros.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 008

Atmos Games with an actual, real, live game tester!

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 014

Ferret manning the prize station.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 024

Spin! Spin! Spin!

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 022

To Win! Win! Win! Crowns, Shirts, Cats, and Hats!

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 064

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 036

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 046

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 060

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 039

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 055

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 056

Thanks to everyone for trying out our games.

PAX (Boston) 2016 - 052

One final picture of the cutest prize combination in the universe.

If you were at PAX East be sure to share a picture with @ArmorGames on twitter, if you weren’t we hope to see you at future conventions.

Apr 16

Armor Games at PAX East

** UPDATE: THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO PLAYED AT OUR BOOTH! We had a great time, you were amazing!

Armor Games is heading to PAX East in Boston next week to showcase our upcoming games, which include:

You may have read about Super Adventure Pals 2, BunkerSIM, and Pinstripe, but now you get the chance to see them up close and in person. We’d love you to play them, and share your opinions with the game developers! In addition to these three games, we will also showcase two new games: Never Give Up based on Armor Games’ fist-to-keyboard Give Up series and Warfare Online based on ConArtist’s wildly popular Warfare series as a free, online, multiplayer game. Check back for more or go check it out yourself. 😉


Stop by Booth #11117.

Meet Tass/Ferret. Play Demos. Win Swag.


Mar 16

Spring Picto-Hunt (Answers)

**NOTE: The Picto-Hunt is over. The answers are at the bottom and the winners are in the comments.**

Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt this year, we will have a Picture Hunt (some with eggs)! How familiar are you with the games on Armor Games? Let’s find out in Armor Games’ Spring Picto-Hunt.

Figure out from which games these twelve Spring and Easter-related images were taken and email Gantic with your answers. Be exact with the name of the game or that particular answer may not count.

E-mail: Gantic@ArmorGames.com


The first three winners will receive

  • sweet treats
  • a Sushi Cat plushie
  • one month of AFG+

The winners will be the first three who submit all correct answers before the end of the deadline (Friday, April 1st, 2016), or the first three who submit the most correct answers. Can you name all of the games?

The Picto-Hunt is over and here are the Answers:

  1. 1. Sushi Cat-a-pult
  2. 2. Egg Knight
  3. 3. Epic Battle Fantasy 4
  4. 4. Creekwood Forest
  5. 5. Crystal Story II
  6. 6. MindScape
  7. 7. Amorphous plus
  8. 8. How to Raise a Dragon
  9. 9. Dino Run
  10. 10. Castaway 2
  11. 11. Bad Eggs Online
  12. 12. Epic Fail
Jan 16

Solve Riddles, Win AFG+

Tasselfoot has posted some tricky riddles on the forums. Solved these riddles to earn yourself one, three, or six months of AFG+. Details can be found in the thread linked at the bottom of this post. Are you clever enough to solve them or will you give up?


Oct 15

5 Sugary Sweet Games

One of the best parts of Halloween is all of the candy. Everybody loves to get their hands on these sugary treats, even aliens. Get your Halloween sugar rush on with these sweet, sweet games with sugar and candy flying everywhere.

1. Halloween Sugar Rush

Stop the neighborhood children from ruining your well-manicured lawn by throwing candy at them or turning on the sprinklers. Do whatever you can to keep your lawn in tiptop shape until sunrise.


2. They Took Our Candy

Take to the streets with fellow trick-or-treaters to fight off an alien invasion that is taking all of the Halloween candy. Unlock power-ups and new costumes as you get further with each run through the streets.


3. Sugar, Sugar

Fill your cups with sugar in the Sugar, Sugar series. Fuel your sugar cravings with the second and third sequels, and if you are feeling festive early this year, play the Christmas edition, too.


4. Flying Candy

Set off a chain reaction with lighting, lasers, and more to pop bubbles and collect more candy than you could ever eat.


5. Burrito Bison & Burrito Bison Revenge

Show those Candy Land gummy bears who the boss is by body-slamming them into mush with the help of your rocket pants. Then, go back for revenge in the sequel.



Not enough Halloween for you? Check out our Armatar Contest and submit your own Halloween-themed Armatars.

Oct 15

Ten Years of Armor Games

Armor Games turns ten today, and we’d love to share a slice of cake with each of you. Since that would be way to much baking and we couldn’t pick a flavor, we’ve put together a few things to celebrate instead. Check out these fun links:

Also, earn an Armor Games Birthday Quest by playing *any* game today!

With over 10 million users, 3,680 games, and 2.4 million forum posts in over 77,000 threads, see what else was accomplished thanks to you, wonderful users…


Top 10 Highest Rated Games

Sword and Souls beat out the long-standing Kingdom Rush Frontiers, which itself unseated the original Kingdom Rush, as highest rated game of all time on Armor Games. Surprisingly, most of our top rated games are part of a series of games and the only top 10 game that is the first in its series is Kingdom Rush at #3.

   1.) 9.8 – Sword and Souls
   2.) 9.8 – Kingdom Rush Frontiers
   3.) 9.7 – Kingdom Rush
   4.) 9.6 – Strike Force Heroes 2
   5.) 9.6 – The Last Stand – Dead Zone
   6.) 9.6 – Learn to Fly 2
   7.) 9.6 – The Enchanted Cave 2
   8.) 9.6 – Decision 3
   9.) 9.6 – Raze 2
   10.) 9.6 – Infectonator 2


Top 10 Most Played Games

It’s no surprise that Kingdom Rush tops the list of the most played game on Armor Games of all time, as it occupied the #1 highest rated game until its sequel.

   1.) 62,959,136 – Kingdom Rush
   2.) 55,582,389 – The Last Stand – Dead Zone
   3.) 38,957,507 – Warfare 1917
   4.) 38,027,075 – Dawn of the Dragons
   5.) 32,796,311 – Raze
   6.) 32,688,141 – Warfare 1944
   7.) 32,530,051 – Clicker Heroes
   8.) 32,357,376 – Crush the Castle 2
   9.) 30,533,130 – Kingdom Rush Frontiers
   10.) 26,698,285 – Raze 2


Top 10 Most Rated Games

Not only is Kingdom Rush one of the most highly rated and highly played games on Armor Games,  it is also the most rated game of all time, with nearly 50,000 more votes than the next most rated game, The Last Stand – Union City.

   1.) 116,407 – Kingdom Rush
   2.) 68,475 – The Last Stand – Union City
   3.) 61,770 – Kingdom Rush Frontiers
   4.) 55,911 – Raze 2
   5.) 49,462 – Flight
   6.) 48,432 – Sonny 2
   7.) 43,920 – Exit Path
   8.) 42,920 – The Last Stand 2
   9.) 42,056 – GemCraft Labyrinth
   10.) 39,440 – Crush the Castle 2


Top 10 Most Viewed Forum Threads

The most watched on Armor Games is “Count to 100”, but with the amount of refreshing that goes on in that thread it should be no surprise. Sometimes the numbers move too fast for everyone to keep up and that’s where the fun lies. 😉

   1.) 14,939,840 – Count to 100
   2.) 3,255,782 – The Way of Moderation
   3.) 2,768,672 – You’re banned
   4.) 2,086,465 – This Thread is Currently About
   5.) 1,992,603 – Dungeons ‘n Dragons 3.5 Forgotten Realms Setting
   6.) 1,567,877 – Crush the Castle 2 – Custom Castles
   7.) 1,539,863 – Art Skills Contest
   8.) 1,512,477 – Non-spam Picture Wars #2
   9.) 1,352,883 – Haiku Contest
   10.) 1,343,551 – Poetry Contest


Top 10 Most Replied to Forum Threads

The only thing more popular than trying to count to 100 perfectly is pretending to ban other users for utterly silly reasons. At over 57,000 replies, “You’re banned” beats “Count to 100” but not by much.

   1.) 57,602 – You’re banned
   2.) 52,698 – Count to 100
   3.) 46,559 – Dungeons ‘n Dragons 3.5 Forgotten Realms Setting
   4.) 22,622 – Rate the above user’s fame!
   5.) 21,098 – Crush the Castle 2 – Custom Castles
   6.) 18,606 – Dungeons ‘n Dragons 3.5 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
   7.) 16,488 – D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms Setting (Game #2)
   8.) 13,460 – Count to 100 (the original)
   9.) 10,481 – Corrupt a wish!
   10.) 10,072 – This Thread is Currently About

Sep 15

5 Color-Changing Games

Autumn is here for the Northern Hemisphere, so let’s put summer behind us and change change colors with the leaves this season with these five color-changing games. Test your reflexes and defeat colorful enemies or beat personal records.


5. Color Strike Down

Strike down enemies the same color as your comet. Earn shields and max combos to get further and score higher.



4. Marvin Spectrum

Test your reflexes and earn hats while running through the lab as Marvin Spectrum. Change your suit to match the gates. If the normal stages are too easy, test your mettle with Endless Mode and beat personal records.



3. Minute Hardcore

Cycle through colors in this vertical scrolling shooter. Rack up combos to level up and last longer. The longer you last, the more medals you earn and the higher your score. Compare your high score with friends and other users on the high score table.



2. Neon RiderNeon Rider World

Ride the lights with a color-changing bike. Collect bonuses and perform stunts for a better score. Not enough levels? Create your own levels to share in Neon Rider World.



1. Primary

Save the Hueman Race from the Void and restore color to the world. Jump, dodge, and use the powers of the primary colors to fight your way through Prizim Tower and stop the Void in this action platformer.



Want more color? Check out our Coloring games.

Sep 15

Sushi Cat Plushie – 50% Off

Make an adorable new feline friend who’s in a frenzy about eating Japanese food. Our Sushi Cat plushie is now back available in the Armor Games Store, and just in time for the holidays! He’s round, fluffy and ready to be taken on all sorts of adventures.

Sushi Cat plushie is 50% off this weekend.

Take a look right meow! :3


Sushi Cat Pictures: