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Nov 16

Five Relaxing Games

Sometimes you just want to slump in you chair, load up a simple game with calming music, and relax. While the game might be challenging, frustration is never around the corner, because you’re too relaxed to get worked up by the difficulty.


4 Differences

This game made a previous list, but its atmosphere is undeniable. Spot the four differences in each dynamic scene set to relaxing atmospheric music. Watch clouds drift lazily by and airplanes soaring slowly to their destinations.



Starlight & Starlight 2

Move the stars around as you try to find the right perspective to view each constellation. The first two Starlight games are set to relaxing piano music.



Armor Logic 2

Solve nonograms of while listening to cool jazz. Or just leave the music on in the background while you go about other things.




While this is not a “game”, Echogenesis is a relaxing interactive experience. Modify the music as you explore different landscapes. Click, drag, and move the cursor mouse around. Listen and watch the flow of the music and the creatures and elements in the environment change.




In a similar vein, listen to the music change as you get closer to solving each level in this minimalist game. Volumes rise as you fill the colored circles with energy. Your efforts are rewarded with the full song at the end of each movement.



If you enjoyed some of the music in these games, check out our Good Music tag for other games with good music.

What games do you find relaxing?


Writer: Gantic has been on Armor Games since 2008 and has listened to the Armor Logic 2 music on loop too many times to count. True story.

Jun 12

Rock Stars!

The Armor Games team on our hike through Holcomb Valley!

Jul 11

WindSeeker – Video Contest

I entered a contest to be the first to ride ‘WindSeeker‘ at Knotts when it opens in the next few weeks. I’m one of the finalist and will win if my video gets the most views. Be sure to tell your friends about the video and thanks for the help! ūüôā

Jun 11

Lock and Load! V2.0





Another glorious and successful day on the battlefield! The Armor Games team went out for our second paintball event. There were welts, scars, blood, and hot pink paint?Enjoy the pictures above. We would also like to thank SC Village for helping put the event together and always making the experience worth while. Lock and Load V3.0 may take a while, the healing process has started.

Jun 11

Westwood College's 5th Annual Game Development Competition

Go to www.westwood.edu/gaming to play the games. Then
come back and post your vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
Attend the 3rd Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends
on June 25th to see who wins.

Jun 11

Westwood College’s 5th Annual Game Development Competition

Go to www.westwood.edu/gaming to play the games. Then
come back and post your vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
Attend the 3rd Annual Gathering of Video Game Legends
on June 25th to see who wins.

Jun 11

Team AG at The Mud Run


Team Armor Games participated in the annual Camp Pendleton Mud Run this past Saturday, June 4th! This run is 6 miles of uphill terrain along with a handful of obstacles! Did I mention mud? Almost all obstacles were associated with warm, chunky, slow moving, mud. Armor Games finished the race 15th overall out of 83 teams with a time of 1:09 (hrs:min). Click here to check out the overall standings!


Apr 11

Lock and Load! Armor Games Paintball Day



The Armor Games team had an amazing time on our paintball day! From South Vietnam, to Baghdad, to Kuwait, SC Village was an amazing paintball park. I am sure there will be additional paintball days in the future. This was a very enjoyable experience besides that fact that all of us in office will be sore and bruised until the end of the week!



Feb 11

Australia Disaster Support


Some of you may be familiar with the disastrous floods that have been going on in Australia. Not only that, but the country was hit by a very intense cyclone having many fear for their lives. This was something Australia could have not expected nor been prepared for. Our good friends at Jazza Studios, who are located in Australia, have started a donation to help raise money for the disaster.  100% of the funds raised will be donated to supporting relief efforts. Donate Today

Jan 11

Perfect K.O.L.M.I.A.M. Speed Run

Watching this made me so happy I could sing.

When I see things like this it really makes me feel great about what I do, this guy perfected the gameplay and his knowledge of the levels is legendary. I don’t even think I’ve ever completed challenge mode without dying at least twice, and I made the thing!

Well done Mr makspayne!