What you need to know about Sales:

Jun 17

Steam Summer Sale 2017

Do you like indie games? How about saving money? Or what about thoughtful, even-sided, respectful discussions?

Well, kiddo, this is the internet. We ain’t got any of that last part. But thanks to the 2017 Steam Summer Sale, we have the first two in spades! The entire Armor Games Steam catalogue is on sale for now until July 5th. Check out all of our games here at big discounts!

Steam Summer Sale 2017

We hope you’ll check out some of our titles if you haven’t already, and spread the news. And hey, feel free to drop recommendations for other awesome indies in the comments! It’s not like I was actively trying to save money anyway. Who needs rent when you can have roguelikes?

For more about our indie games, visit our Armor Games Studios publishing website and follow Armor Games on Facebook and Twitter.

Dec 16

Sentry Knight Tactics is On Sale!

This time of year, we’re thankful for a lot of things. People who care about us. A glass of our favourite beverage at just the right temperature. Nobody asking too many questions about where we go with that shovel so late at night. But right now? We’re also thankful that Sentry Knight Tactics is on sale as part of Steam’s Winter Sale. After all, everyone knows the reason for the season is slaying unspeakable evil and looking super cute doing it. Aw, Rogue… you make borderline sociopathy adorable! (Hey, where’d my watch go? And my kidneys… ?)

Sentry Knight Tactics

Sentry Knight Tactics is a challenging real-time strategy game from the makers of the original Flash series, and we’re pretty proud of it. From now until January 2nd 1PM EST, you can pick it up for $4.99 USD… that’s a 50% savings! Not too shabby for saving the world. Maybe it’ll even put a smile on Marksman’s face?… nah, probably not, but that’s why we love him.

Sentry Knight Tactics

Plus, from now until January 2nd, Sentry Knight Tactics’ Christmas event is live! Help Santa deliver presents, dress up for the holidays, kill a deranged Snowman and more! View the full details below, and Check out Sentry Knight Tactics on sale on Steam and help us spread the news.

    Venture on three new seasonal Quests.
    A new, chilling boss fight intended for Level 20 parties.
    Help Santa and the residents of Glacier Gorge celebrate the festivities.
    Find new seasonal Costumes.
    Other fun, holiday themed Items, Companions and goodies to be discovered!

For more about Sentry Knight Tactics, check it out on Steam, visit the official website, view the official Presskit, and follow Sentry Knight Tactics and Armor Games on Twitter. Play the original Sentry Knight, Sentry Knight 2, and Sentry Knight: Conquest right here free on Armor Games.